Transitioning to Digital-first Publishing with Long-form Content

Many organizations are grappling with how to provide reports and research online in a way that engages their audiences better than the dreaded downloadable PDF. At the same time, it’s being confirmed; audiences will spend the time consuming longer content that is interesting to them. Audiences read longer articles published by media outlets like Quartz, and have made the interactive storytelling pieces like The New York Times’ Snowfall and The Washington Post’s Cycling’s Road Forward some of the most viewed online content. Audiences also spend time reviewing more data-like information such as the interactive graphics in The Washington Post’s The perils at Great Falls and the animated drawings and videos in Polygon’s Playstation 4: The Review.

Publishing companies are benefitting from long-form content; their readers are more engaged, spending longer amounts of time on their sites and more frequently sharing content with others. So how can you move away from the print-centric model of the past, and move your organization toward publishing long-form reports and research that include rich imagery, interactive elements, and better sharing capabilities? We can show you how. 

In this session we will share insights we’ve gained, the tools we use, and the approach we have taken for long-form report projects that we have done for some of our customers–the Center for Global Development, The American Academy of Medical Colleges–and for ourselves!

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