Translate in Drupal 8: A New Era in Translation Has Begun


Drupal 8's new and improved multilingual tools open a world of translation capabilities for users of the Lingotek Translation contribution module for Drupal. The majority of Drupal 7's contributed multilingual modules have been replaced with just a few Drupal core modules - making D8 more multilingual out of the box. Lingotek builds on top of that increased functionality to offer users a complete translation and localization experience.


For D8, all content entity types can now be translated using Lingotek's automated, cloud-based translation management system (TMS), and site administrators will receive the same superior support from Lingotek's team of translation experts.


In this presentation, you will learn about:

- the changes to the multilingual landscape in Drupal 8,

- updates to the Lingotek Translation module for D8,

- how to manage translation for projects that want to charge ahead with D8,

- and how you can leverage Lingotek's services to keep your users satisfied.


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Site Building

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