We Love Designing for Drupal (or 10 Things I Hate About You)


Drupal is a powerful and flexible CMS that can be used to power a wide range of beautiful designs and interfaces. However, as with any complex CMS, Drupal comes with many constraints about how content is organized and displayed.  The more complex the design, the more assumptions we make.  The farther we deviate from those assumptions, the more custom work will be required. It's possible to implement pretty much anything you can come up with inside Drupal, given enough time and energy -- but more often than not, we need to adjust our designs to accommodate Drupal's assumptions while sacrificing the user experience.

Topics will include:
  • Modifying markup isn't always easy 
  • Media Management or where did my image go?
  • Complex layouts are complicated
  • The back-end is ugly or how do I use this form?

In this session, we will try to illuminate many of the constraints we've learned from when designing on Drupal, so you can learn not to hate them, but embrace or even love them and have raving fans in the end.

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User Experience Design

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