What’s in Your Audit? A Guide to Auditing Drupal Sites


Taking over support for Drupal site you didn’t build can be scary business. Make it less scary by conducting a comprehensive audit. A poorly constructed site can sap energy out of an organization, so the value of conducting an audit is in building a collection of maintainable sites that allows your organization to scale it’s support services. This session will review the audit checklist used by the Forum One team before taking over support work for any Drupal site. These audits provide tips on how to systematically explore:

  • How a site is structured.

  • Areas that might complicate future development work.

  • Site security.

  • Performance bottlenecks.

  • Site enhancement opportunities.

  • Much more!

After considering these areas, you will know whether supporting a site will be a pain or a pleasure. Even if you don’t move forward with taking over support, client’s will find the results of an audit informative.


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