What's in a code review?


Code reviews are a great way to both improve the quality of your work, and spread knowledge between the people on your team.  But a good code review is about a lot more than just looking for correct indentation and line lengths.  What exactly should you be looking for when you're asked to look at someone else's work? 

This session will delve into:

  • Why are code reviews important?
  • Who should do code reviews?
  • What do you look for?
  • Should I be testing that the code works as advertised?
  • How can you deliver your observations in a way that is most productive?
  • Does this apply to front-end code?
  • Should your comments change depending on who's code you are reviewing, the status of the project, or the status of the ticket?
  • How to incorporate code reviews into your hiring process.

And more than just talking about abstract theory we will get practical and collectively review some real code.

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Coding and Development

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