When Do You Need a UX’pert?


Today more people are aware of the role of a UX’pert, they conduct user tests, face-to-face interviews, field research, creating user personas, studying analytics, prototyping and layouts. So why is it still a low priority for some companies and particularly startups? What is the secret to a project’s success? Answer: The first person you should hire is a UX’pert. He or she will validate if your product concept is worth pursuing through research.

Every so often companies hire a UX’pert late in the process and this can be costly. More often, companies combine the UX role with another role like a mad scientist frankensteining a unicorn. For example hiring a designer and hoping they can sprinkle some UX dust on the website or product and make it all magically work.


This session will answer questions such as:

  • When to hire a UX person or firm

  • How to hire the right UX’pert

  • How to enhance the Drupal experience with proper UX

  • How to convince the stakeholders you need a UX’pert from the start

**This session is intended for software development shops that work with startups, project managers, software engineering leads and developers.

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User Experience Design

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