The Wonderful World of (Web) Typography


Typography is the foundation of any website. We are increasingly aware of typography all around us. We avoid or spend less time on sites with hard-to-read text. We have favorite fonts (and will passionately defend them)! No matter your role on a project, having a better understanding of typography will help you to communicate with clarity.

There are more ways than ever to implement custom, beautiful typography on your websites (and beyond). But a new plethora of options can make the selection process even more difficult. This session will teach you the foundations of typography, help you navigate this sea of typographic possibilities, and understand why good type should be your primary focus. We'll also explore ways that typography affects your user experience on the web and beyond.

No past knowledge or experience with typography required.

In this session we'll discuss:

  • the basics of typography (anatomy, classification, and a morsel of history)
  • choosing a typeface and how to license it
  • typography for mobile/responsive
  • all of the "-ilities": readability/legibility/accessibility/usability
  • what all of those font file formats actually mean (TTF/OTF/WOFF/etc.)
  • how type impacts the UX of video games and other interactive media

Session Track

User Experience Design

Experience Level


Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
501 - NewMedia