You Are A Golden God: Automate Your Workflow for Fun and Profit


The goal of agile development is delivering business value. It’s not “more features faster”, but more “the right features better”, and in order to do that, “hi-fidelity feedback sooner.” This methodology is popular because when it works, people have more fun and get more done. Everybody wins.

A good agile development workflow is frequently augmented by automation. Teams that deliver excellence on complex projects usually have a good amount of tooling backing them up: they’re able to work in parallel, often running tests against every single commit, automatically, and as a result they're shipping more often while simultaneously having fewer miscommunications, missteps, and mistakes.

At the same time, many a project has been dragged down (even to the point of failure) by misfiring or cantankerous automation which becomes a project in and of itself, or an albatross of a test regime that takes far more energy to build, run, and maintain than it delivers in business value. That ain’t no kind of fun.

This session will delve into how to realize the full potential of automation for your website development process, first by aligning your team and stakeholders on what’s worth automating and why, and then by executing with free services and open source tools.

This includes including:    

  • Strategies for organization and cultural change.

  • Continuous Integration and even Continuous Delivery.

  • How to go about testing a website vs. testing a core or a specific module.

Don't take any sassback from the machines. Put them to work for you. Come to this session and find out how to get started.

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Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 10:45 to 11:45
515B -Forum One