You Say Potato, I Say Kartoffel: Managing Communications with Distributed "Transatlantic" Teams


Client is in DC and Brussels. Drupal vendor is in DC and Cologne. How do you communicate and collaborate on a Drupal project when client and vendor teams are distributed across the Atlantic?

In this session Drupal Technical Architect Campbell Vertesi (a Canadian living in Cologne) and Non-programmer, project management/strategist type Brian Pagels (a carpetbagger from New Jersey living in Virginia) will discuss strategies for communicating and managing Drupal projects across continents. We'll anchor our discussion with our recent experience redesigning and re-platforming the German Marshall Fund website - - on Drupal 7. For this project both client and vendor were divided by the great Atlantic, but still delivered a succesful product on schedule and on budget.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The dirty truth about full-time remote workers
  • How to schedule working hours in different time zones
  • What technologies and tactics to use for communication, collaboration, and project management
  • How to ensure client and vendor teams are fully engaged and working toward a common solution when they are divided by an ocean



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Business and Strategy

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