Your Code is Bad and You Should Feel Bad: PSR Standards and Drupal 8


Drupal developers sometimes get the reputation of being cowboy coders, driven to develop in their own secluded ecosystem to their own specifications. With the development of Drupal 8, Drupal coders are being exposed to a whole new architecture based on popular existing standards. It's time to get with the program and write code that will be functionally interoperable and maybe even see the light of day outside of Drupal.

This session is geared towards the Drupal developer who may not have ever developed outside of a CMS framework. We'll focus on the PHP FIG PSR standards and how they will apply to Drupal 8. Special attention will be given to PSR-4, which will drive autoloading throughout Drupal 8 and will be key for Drupal (and PHP) developers to understand moving forward.

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Coding and Development

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