Your crowdfunding platform in a box: Drupal Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is here to stay. Each month we knew about a new Kickstarter project changing the world, surpassing the previous funding record or some project with huge social impact that became a reality thanks to a crowdfunding project. The point still there is that you don't have an open source software robust and flexible enough at the same time to create your own crowdfunding platform, restricting you to the main platforms rules(and costs). What about your unique process and ideas? How to deal with the particulars of your niche market?

Open source softwares out there providing a "starting point" for your crowdfunding platform has the same problem: they don't have much flexibility(they provide the basic stuff for crowdfunding) and, most important, they lack community. Open source is about community, not code. But wait... we are looking for an open source software robust and flexible enough, with a huge and awesome community? Anyone here knows about a CMS called Drupal? hehe

Here comes Drupal Crowdfunding! By using Drupal Commerce module as it's core, we instantaneously have, for example, dozens of payment methods from all over the world, something that none of the crowdfunding platforms out there have, open source or proprietary. Every platform offers you Paypal as a payment option. I wanna know which one offers you Bitcoin!
Like payment methods, we also have Shipping, Stock, Coupons, many other commerce related modules and more than 10k general purpose modules too.

Join me in this session to know more about the Drupal Crowdfunding module and it's creation based on my experience of almost 2 developing for brazilian crowdfunding platform for projects with social impact that funded more than R$1.5 million, for dozens of projects). We'll also talk about Crowdfunding Kickstart, a distro on top of the core module that aims to be this "solid and flexible enough" starting point for startups and NGOs looking for a Crowdfunding platform.

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