Nashville On-site Resources

The Drupal Association and the volunteers that contribute to DrupalCon strive to make our conference an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who come.

We consciously work to increase the diversity of the speakers who take to the stage at DrupalCon to ensure that they better represent the Drupal community, and we care that the people who attend DrupalCon feel comfortable and welcome, no matter their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age, religion or economic status.


Grants and Scholarships for DrupalCon Nashville are now closed. We look forward to seeing our awardees in Nashville, April 9 - 13. Please visit the DrupalCon 2019 site for next year’s opportunities.

DrupalCon is proud to offer financial grants and scholarships to those interested in attending DrupalCon. If you are an active part of our community and wish to attend DrupalCon, but can’t quite swing it financially, please visit our Grants and Scholarships page for more details on how to apply.


If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or need assistance in translation services in order to get the most out of your DrupalCon experience, we are happy to assist in offering these services.

Please indicate this on your registration by indicating you’d like us to contact you to discuss your specific on-site accessibility needs.

Special Meals

DrupalCon offers a variety of dietary and nutritional options at DrupalCon. If we didn’t, our own team would be throwing fits!

Please specify during registration what dietary needs you have, we can cater to basically anything - from vegan to gluten-free, kosher to halal - we do it all. (Well, almost anything. We won't serve you only M&Ms, and we definitely won't serve you M&Ms with all of one color picked out. We have to draw lines somewhere). 

Lactation Room

If you’re a new parent, we know there are so many reasons it’s hard to leave home. We try to make it just a little easier by providing a space for new lactating parents to nurse or pump on-site. We provide the space for your use while at the conference though, we suggest taking milk back to your hotel for storage.

The lactation room can be found on the second floor of Music City Center in room 203B. Please see the maps on-site and in the program guide for directions.

Quiet Room

This room is reserved for those who need space free from interaction with other attendees in an environment where they feel free and safe to do so. The quiet room is free of conversation and interaction of any kind, it can be used for meditation, prayer, reading, or just some silence away from the buzz of the Con. We would request that it be a technology-free zone, and that attendees use hushed voices or stay silent to respect other attendees who may be using the space. Any conference attendee is welcome to use this room if needed.

Venue Accessibility and Mobility Assistance

Music City Center is an ADA accessible building with access to elevators, escalators and other mobility assistance if needed. If you need assistance while visiting DrupalCon at the Music City Center, please contact a member of the Drupal Association staff at the registration desks onsite, or indicate this on your registration by saying you’d like us to contact you to discuss your specific on-site accessibility needs.

AA Meetings

The AA Community of Nashville provides multiple meeting times and spaces during the week of the Con. You can view all of the times and options here if you’re interested in attending. Most locations are within a 5-10 minute car ride from the Music City Center.

Speaker Inclusion Fund

If you identify with an underrepresented group and are selected to speak at DrupalCon, you are able to request up to $300 for reimbursable travel and lodging expenses. While submitting your session, please indicate if that is something that would enable you to speak at our conference. To learn more about this program, please visit our Session Submission page.

Do Not Photograph Me

We understand that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, and we respect that. Our volunteer photography team has specific instructions not to photograph anyone wearing the orange event lanyards, which signify “Do not photograph me”. We have also posted our photography guidelines onsite at the event so that other DrupalCon attendees are aware of this policy as well.

Communication Stickers

At our Registration desk, attendees can find communication stickers to put on their badges if this is important to you. Communication stickers indicate your requested level of interaction with both other attendees.

Green = open to communicate;

Yellow = only if you know me please; and

Red = I’m not interested in communicating at this time.

We have a separate system for photography and press. Please see the section on photography at DrupalCon, above.

All-Gender Restrooms

There are designated all-gender restrooms for attendees who feel more comfortable using those facilities. They are located on the 3rd floor, outside the entrance to the Exhibit Hall (Hall B).

First Aid/Medical Assistance

In the event that you require first aid or medical assistance during DrupalCon, please visit our registration desk or the venue front desk. For emergencies, dial 911.

Women in Drupal

DrupalCon hosts a Women in Drupal event on Tuesday evening. A social event to connect with female-identifying or allies of females in Drupal. See our social events page for more details.

Inclusion BoFs

Inclusion BoFs at DrupalCon provide safe spaces to connect with other attendees who identify with under-represented groups. These are open format discussions with no agenda, where attendees are encouraged to listen and discuss topics important to them in the community.

The BoF schedules will be published in March along with the general conference schedule.