Maintain and improve team health and productivity



We only have 8 hours a day! I don’t believe this is true when you LOVE your WORK. And even if it were true, I would like to ensure my health and productivity are in perfect condition and efficiency is optimized with just 8 hours a day.

Being a Project Manager, managing multiple projects at a time, I used to find it extremely difficult to do EVERYTHING today. And while I was struggling with my own problems, I probably never realized - my teams were not in their best shapes. 

Fortunately, with experience and a lot of experimentation, I have learned to optimize my own productivity and thereafter discovered techniques to ensure THE TEAMS are healthy and happy.

Through this talk, I would like to share some of the simplest(yet ignored) ways to care for your teams and know what to fix and when to fix, If something is wrong. 



  • Problems faced at the time of managing multiple projects/teams - examples that apply to almost all of us
  • How to deal with these problems?  Effective, tested sure-shot ways 
  • How to improve at managing the teams without sparing an extra minute a day?
  • How to ensure Team health is not just improved, but also maintained throughout the project phases?



  • Tools and techniques to use when it comes to team management, without sidelining project management
  • Ways to make everyone from the team happy!! (It’s difficult to ensure EVERYONE is happy, but not IMPOSSIBLE)

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Project Management

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When & Where

Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 - 14:15 to 14:40