Modernize D8 Admin UX and Accessibility with Material Admin Theme


The good news: Drupal 8 architecture is a huge step forward in creating ambitious digital experiences - The adoption of Composer, Symfony, Twig, and OO PHP provide the building blocks for delivering modern sites and applications.

The bad news: The authoring experience, site management, siloed user flow patterns, multi-device (touch) support lack the tools that users expect, which in turn, has a negative weight on the project.

The good news (again!): These problems were the catalyst for creating a 'plug-and-play' new administration theme and support module. Material Admin & Material Admin Support

Google Material Design Langauge is one of the most widely adopted style guides for developing the web - Material Admin utilizes Google Material Design as a base for design, accessibility, and user interactions. The web adoption means that users will already be 'trained' in various interactions.

This session will highlight the patterns and features that Material Admin provides, how you can use it in any D8 project, How you can contribute, and the future for design and UX for D8 administration.

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User Experience

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Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 - 13:00 to 14:00
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