Symantec - From Early Drupal Adoption to the Latest Drupal Innovations


Symantec is the global leader in next-generation cyber security and one of the most recognizable technology brands - their websites must live up to the same stringent standards that consumers and enterprises expect from all Symantec’s products and services. A Fortune 500 company leverages a diverse array of web technologies and platforms to meet their business goals - Drupal integrates well with other systems (including other CMS platforms) and plays an important role in the architecture at Symantec

Join Amy Johnson (Sr. Marketing Manager, Symantec), Kevin Millecam (Co-Founder, BKJ DIgital), and Michael Meyers (Managing Director, Tag1 Consulting) as they discuss why Symantec was an early enterprise adopter of Drupal and have continued to rely on the platform for 10 years - the business case for Drupal in a Fortune 500 Global Enterprise.

They’ll discuss how Drupal fits into the overall ecosystem of Internet technologies at Symantec - when and why they rely on Drupal vs. other platforms, the unique challenges that Symantec and other global enterprises face in managing large websites, a large number of websites, and how to work with partners, agencies, core Drupal contributors, and the Drupal community to ensure success with the Drupal platform:

  • How does Drupal live up to the needs of a global fortune 500 organization - where and how do you use Drupal, and how does it integrate with other technologies, including other CMS systems (e.g Adobe Experience Manager) while maintaining a seamless end-user experience across sites and technologies?

  • How do you work with partners & agencies to ensure success across a large organization with many sites, stakeholders and divisions?

  • How do you manage many Drupal sites, across many Drupal versions? When do you decide to upgrade your Drupal site to a new major version, and why do you continue to choose Drupal?

We’ll highlight our innovative use of technology to meet specific business goals, and integrate, secure, and scale Drupal to meet the needs of a leading Fortune 500 organization:

  • Builiding next gen sites with cutting edge Decoupled Drupal 8, and Node.js integration

  • Enabling high traffic sites to effectively utilize caching to maximize performance, while enabling content creators to instantly publish fresh content using D8 cache tags and selective cache clearing

  • Managing infrastructure as code - enabling many teams across organizations to work together, update infrastructure configurations, making it easier and faster to test & deploy changes, ensuring security through “code reviews” and auditing changes

  • Infrastructure automation - ensure strict standards & security protocols are enforced, that local development environments, and hosted testing, staging and production maintain consistency

  • Deploying with extreme speed - what do you do when you can’t sit around waiting for a large number of sites/servers to get updates and changes?

We’ll touch on several Symantec properties running Drupal including:


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Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 - 14:15 to 15:15
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