Top 8 considerations for choosing a local development environment


There has been a proliferation of local development environment options as the ubiquity of docker has removed much of the complexity of dependancies and performance problems. I will break down the top 8 considerations when choosing a framework, application or technology to enable local development and testing of Drupal:

  1. Architecture - To Docker or not to Docker
  2. Composer/DrupalConsole/Drush support
  3. Configurability of environments and tests
  4. Support for other languages
  5. Toolset vs application
  6. Open-Sourciness 
  7. Implications of popularity
  8. Options for commercial support

I will take the audience through a detailed analysis of the importance of these considerations with real world Drupal examples and then a feature matrix of current solutions / approaches.

This will be particularly useful for technical leads wishing to standardise their team on a common local development environment to accelerate onboarding and improve code testing processes.

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Tuesday, 10 April, 2018 - 10:45 to 11:45
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