Advanced Web Accessibility Training for Drupal Developers

This training is designed to help developers shift their thinking to build accessibility compliant digital content.  During this full day training developers will gain hands on experience in using automated evaluation tools, learning how to incorporate Drupal core and contributed modules that assist with accessibility into their sites, identifying accessibility issues at the code level, and finally developing their sites with accessibility always in-mind.

Learning Objectives

  • How to utilize Drupal core and contributed modules to aid in accessibility
  • Learn to incorporate accessibility best practices into your development workflow
  • How to use various tools to identify accessibility issues
  • How to identify and resolve accessibility issues at the code level
  • Learn techniques to manage non-web content (i.e. Word, PPT, and Acrobat PDFs)


Having a basic understanding of the following technologies is helpful, but not required:

  • Authoring content using a Content Management system
  • Experience with Drupal's administrative interface
  • Some HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge

Target Audience

Intermediate to advanced Drupal developers looking to implement accessibility best practices into their projects

Dev Environments

Mac, Windows and Linux

Training Company

Promet Source Training

Training Team

- Private group -

Experience Level