Component Based Development using UI_Patterns

With the component-based approach becoming the standard for Drupal 8 theming we’re beginning to see some slick front end environments show up in Drupal themes. The promise that talented front enders with little Drupal knowledge can jump right in is much closer to reality. 

However, before diving into this new front end bliss there are still some gotchas, plus lots of baked in goodies Drupal provides that one will need to have a handle on before getting started.

We will focus on learning about UI_Patterns module, which although still in Release Candidate state, it already solves many problems originated from the Drupal integration process.  UI Patterns creates Drupal Plugins of your FE components which then can be easily rendered within Drupal.

Learning Objectives

The main objective of this training is to teach the basic of component based development, as well as the process involved in integrating those components with Drupal to produce flexible and reusable components.


  • Basic understanding of Twig and Drupal Theming is helpful. 
  • Component based theming experience is helpful but not required.
  • Site building experience is helpful but not required.

Target Audience

This training is targeted to Front-End developers wanting to learn the latest on component based development.  However, Back-End developers will also benefit a lot from this training as UI_Patterns provides many advanced solutions for component integration.

Dev Environments

Mac preferred but Windows machines should also work.

Training Company


Training Team

- Private group -

Experience Level