SOLD OUT - Elevate your Drupal 8 application with ReactJS

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Drupal 8 is a stellar CMS which is more than capable of standing on its own. But when it comes to building app-like websites, JavaScript frameworks have taken the web by storm, and React is leading the pack.

In this course, we will give a section of our Drupal 8 website a boost by building a ReactJS App.

We'll modify an existing Drupal 8 website to prepare it for integration with a decoupled application. This portion of the training provides you with knowledge applicable to a variety of external frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, even Alexa and Google home.

We'll then build and launch a React app from start to finish. We will set it up to display data from our existing Drupal 8 website as well as to create (and POST) data back to our Drupal 8 website.

We don't want to lose many of the benefits that Drupal core and contrib provide us with, so we will only decouple select pages and functionality using the React app we will build.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to create a React Web App
  • Learn to set up Headless Drupal using Drupal 8
  • Create a React web app which communicates with a Drupal 8 task management website


  • Programming fundamentals (HTML and PHP or JS)

Familiarity with Site Building in Drupal is also helpful.

Target Audience

Drupal developers looking to gain experience with Decoupled development

Developers looking to learn how to use the popular JS Framework, ReactJS.

Dev Environments

Mac, Windows

Training Company

Debug Academy

Training Team

- Private group -

Experience Level