Site Building for Drupal 8

Whether you're new to Drupal 8 or you want to improve your skills, the Site Building training has you covered. In Drupal-speak, Site Building means using the Drupal administrative interfaces to put together custom CMS-driven websites without writing code. 

Some folks learn Drupal Site Building skills to work alone making sites with moderate custom needs, others in order to work as a site builder on a team along with coders. Backend developers also need to master Drupal Site Building. If you work as a project manager, designer, or front end developer on Drupal projects, you can also benefit from understanding Site Building concepts.

This training is intended for hands-on learners and will be full of exercises you do with help from instructors and classmates. You will take home a printed course manual to help you review and practice.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will see how you can:

  • Build complex and powerful functionality using Drupal core and contributed modules.

  • Articulate best practices of site building with Drupal.

  • Configure both controlled vocabularies and free tagging with Taxonomy.

  • Manage navigation through Drupal’s menu system.

  • Configure your site to improve SEO through the use of URL path configuration.

  • Be able to configure automatically generated thumbnails.

  • Know how to create advanced dynamic listings of content.

  • Save yourself time and effort by collaborating with the community.

  • Maintain a secure and speedy Drupal website.


Attendees should have experience working in a CMS and understand concepts of site navigation, content types, content categorization, and URL structures. Attendees must bring a laptop.

Target Audience

Those aspiring to be expert Drupal 8 Site Builders, and current Drupal 7 Site Builders looking to enhance their Drupal 8 skill set will gain the most from this training. This training should also be useful for developers who lean more towards site building, or front-end devs looking to learn more about Drupal 8’s core systems and how to get around the Drupal UI. We also recommend this course to anyone preparing for Drupal certification testing.

Dev Environments

Mac, Windows 10 Professional and higher, Linux. Internet allowing, we can support all users in cloud environments.

Training Company


Training Team

- Private group -

Experience Level