Drupal in Canada

05/12/2016 - 10:45-05/12/2016 - 11:45
289 [Chromatic]

Let's come together as Canadians in another country to connect with eachother from all across our beautiful country. Canadians are not only heavy Drupal users, but some amazing contributors and community leaders come from Canada as well...and we need to respect and celebrate that. It would be great to meet in one spot and share perspectives, thoughts, and ideas on the Drupal community, Drupal in Canada, and Drupal as whole. 

The goals of this BoF are to: 

1. Meet your fellow Canadian Drupalers

2. Discuss and bring to attention the contributions and leadership we (as Canadians) have brought to the Drupal community

3. Discuss your local community events and make sure we are all aware of them....and potentially collaborate on them.

4. Meet potential partners for projects, services, etc. 

5. How can we bring more attention to Canada? How can we bring a DrupalCon to Canada? Is DrupalNorth a good starting point? 

6. Anything else we would want to discuss or highlight.