Hands on with the Pattern Builder Module

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:00
291 [Cherry Hill Company]

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The Pattern Builder Module empowers your team to prototype in a static pattern library and then import your designs and content data model into Drupal with a single drush command. Need to update your design? No problem! Just update and QA the code in your pattern library and import those changes in seconds.

Using Pattern Builder Module in your Drupal project will provide the following benefits to your D7 site:

  1. Skip the render arrays and access your data with standard twig variable
  2. Create CMS agnostic design patterns. No Drupal experience required
  3. Get instant feedback on how your data and templates interact. Catch problems before the design is complete
  4. Create a single path between data, templates and Drupal. No more hunting for hooks and tpl files
  5. Turn a complex design system into a simple interface with reusable components, layouts and patterns
  6. Create a strict separation of concerns, with Drupal worrying about the data, and your design system handling how it is presente

In this boff we can discuss the impact that the Pattern Builder Module could have on your current site design process and the future of Pattern Builder as we look towards Drupal 8 and other PHP or Node powered CMSs.


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