DrupalCon is brought to you by the Drupal Association with support from an amazing team of volunteers and partners from around the world. Thank you to everyone for helping produce DrupalCon New Orleans. We couldn't do it without you!

Programs Team Events Manager: Rachel Friesen
Lead DrupalCon Coordinator: Amanda Gonser
DrupalCon Coordinator: Tina Krauss
Business Jeff Diecks
Diana Montalion
Coding and Development Matt Davis
Jon Peck
Mike Nielson
Core Conversations Cathy Theys
Tim Plunkett
Larry Garfield
DevOps Joe Stewart
Ashok Modi
Jason Yee Tatiana U.
Frontend Eric Sembrat
Kathryn McClintock
Horizons Jason Want
David Hwang
PHP Heather White
Larry Garfield
Project Management Justin Rhodes
Ashleigh Thevenet
Shannon Vettes
Site Building Ryan Price
Dan Linn
Symfony Anne Sophie Bachelard
UX Lauren Smith
Koen Platteeuw
Business Summit Susan Rust
Government Summit Becca Goodman
Jess Dearie
Community Summit Donna Benjamin
Adam Hill
Media and Publishing Summit Rob Gill
Higher-Ed Summit Paul Grotevant
Shawn DeArmond
Sprint Leads Alina Mackenzie
Lucas Hedding
Cathy Theys
Seth Silesky
Joël Pittet
Mauricio Dinarte
Stuart Clark
Training Course Selection Jason Savino
Ian Carrico
Scholarship Selection Committee Pamela Barone
Greg Lund-Chaix
Pedro Cambra
Social Media Paul Johnson
Alex Laughnan
Women in Drupal Karyn Cassio
Sherri Johnson
Nikki Stevens
Website Development Jakob Perry
Emilie Nouveau
Tim Lehnen
Drupal Association Marketing and Membership Communications Manager: Bradley Fields
Membership: Lizz Trudeau
Copywriter: Leigh Carver
Sponsorship Account Manager: Johanna Bergmann
Account Manager: Mark Brandstetter
Account Manager: Gener Umali
Sponsorship Fulfillment: Tim Constien
Creative Design Cheeky Monkey Media
Production Groundswell Marketing
Session Archiving Ryan is Hungry
The City of New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center