Come collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members from 9:00am-6:00pm on Friday, May 13th at the New Orleans Convention Center, in room 278-282. This awesome day of collaboration is open to anyone; you do not need to be registered for the conference to participate. There are also other sprint days available.


General sprints, the Mentored Core Sprint and the First-time Sprinter Workshop will be at the New Orleans Convention Center. You do not need to be registered for DrupalCon to attend and participate at Friday Sprints!

Friday General Sprints

We are currently collecting your sprint initiatives so we can list them here for others to find and get excited for.

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Other Friday Sprints

Other sprints on Friday for people experienced in their topic, but new to Drupal contribution:

First-Time Sprinter Workshop

If you're new to Drupal contribution, you can attend the FREE mentored First-Time Sprinter Workshop on Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm. The hands-on workshop will cover the basics of contribution essentials like the issue queues, IRC, git, and optionally setting up Drupal 8 on your laptop.

Mentored Core Sprint

If you already have all the tools, have used the issue queue, have a working Drupal 8 development environment on your laptop, would like to work with a mentor to contribute to Drupal core, and would like help finding an issue to work on, or if you're not quite sure where to start contributing: come to the mentored Mentored Core Sprint. This sprint will run all day, with workshop attendees joining this sprint in the afternoon.

Sprint mentors will help you find a task for a Drupal core issue and then help you work on it. You can create patches for bugs, add documentation to issues, test patches, and more!

To get a head start, set up your Drupal 8 development environment before Friday. Attend the irc core office hours from home. Or, at the conference, we will have plenty of opportunities to help get you set up at any of our Get Involved BOFs (times and locations TBD), or you can come to the First-Time Sprinter Workshop in the morning.

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