Community Keynote Votes Are In

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Keynote voting. We had over 200 community members share their opinions on which issue that is facing the community right now should be shared on the mainstage. After tallying up the ballots, we are happy to report that Schnitzel's talk, Your Brain Health is More Important Than Your Standing Desk. In this talk, Michael will touch on the importance of keeping our brains happy and healthy and will share examples from his own personal experience of grappling with this.  

We were very excited to provide this type of platform for some of our incredible community members to propose ideas that they are passionate about sharing with the community and have the opportunity to present them on the mainstage at the largest Drupal event of the year — DrupalCon! If you're not able to come to DrupalCon New Orleans, there will be a live stream of the keynote on Thursday morning so that Michael's message can be shared across the globe. Michael put it well in his session description: "I would like the opportunity to talk about this very important topic at a community keynote where my message will reach the necessary audience this topic requires: all of us."  

Thank you Michael for proposing this topic and thank you to all those who voted. We look forward to hearing this keynote in less than two months.

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