Avoid Traffic Jams: The Impact of eCommerce Site Performance on Bottom-Line Results


Imagine a time when marketing is on its game, the flash sale is ready, 25,000 units have been acquired and 45,000 independent consultants are vying to get a massive reduction on price of a single item. With improper infrastructure and engineering this is a nightmare waiting to happen.  As a matter of fact, prior to coming to Platform.sh this nightmare turned into one companies reality.  Anger, frustration and stress for everyone involved month after month during every flash sale.  Once they moved to a custom engineered site at Platform.sh the nightmare magically disappeared:

“Today’s splurge was downright magical.  Thank you so much for working so hard to lessen the stress and make it so much easier" - independent consultant

Magic might not be the best word for what was really custom engineering to create a truly scalable infrastructure and understanding where the bottlenecks actually lie for an individual client.  Product lines are important but understanding when it’s time to create a bespoke offering taking into account the client’s specific needs are just as important.

In this talk - we’ll cover the building blocks and discuss:

  • How a 1 second delay in performance can reduce conversion by 7%

  • Relationship between load time and bounce rate

  • The importance of partnering with your client not just providing a service

  • How to load test and determine breaking points of code and infrastructure

  • How to scale every component of the stack

  • What the git-driven, PaaS Platform.sh will do to increase efficiency and scalability of your eCommerce application.

Learn about the need for speed and stability for eCommerce sites and the infrastructure that hosts and supports them in this case study session.


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Drupal Showcase

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