Behat: Behavior-Driven Development, Functional Tests & Selenium (in Drupal!)


Behat is my absolute favorite library to use. It's most famous for turning human-readable sentences into real functional tests for your application. That's right: write a few lines of English and suddenly you can watch as Selenium (or some other tool) opens up a browser and makes requests, clicks links and fills out forms on your application!

But Behat is more than that: it let's you think about the behavior of your features first, before you start to develop. In this talk, we'll learn about behavior-driven development and learn enough about Behat to get you started immediately with your project.

Along the way, we'll master Mink - the partner library to Behat - and solve all sorts of common testing problems. Oh, and thanks to the Drupal community, we'll see how the DrupalExtension - the Drupal plugin for Behat - can make it possible to control the data (e.g. nodes, users, etc) before you start each test.

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Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 10:45 to 11:45
267-268 [Blackmesh]