The best of both worlds: writing Drupal 8 code for Drupal 7 sites

Drupal 8 brings a lot of changes for Drupal 7 developers. All of these changes are supposed to help you code faster, easier, and more reliably. But most of us will still be working with D7 for a long time to come, and 8 is a big leap! This session shows you how to take advantage of powerful "D8 only" tools and API concepts, in the comfortable (and proven) environment of Drupal 7.

You read that right: you can start writing Drupal 8 style code today, for your Drupal 7 projects. It's not as hard as you think!

Writing D8 code for D7 is a great way to learn D8 API concepts like dependency injected services, composer includes, and PHPUnit test coverage. It brings a lot of the code-level benefits of Drupal 8 to your existing clients, on a tested platform that you already know very well.

You will learn how to implement these "Drupal 8-like" behaviors and coding practices in Drupal 7:

  • PSR-4 Namespacing
  • Dependency Injected Services
  • Composer includes
  • PHPUnit tests for all the things!

Learn Drupal 8 concepts one at a time, in a comfortable D7 environment. Future proof your modules. Write smarter code, faster.

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Coding and Development

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Drupal 7