Building Rich Apps with Angular 2 and Drupal


Angular is the most performant solution for building client-side web application. With version 2, Angular has been transformed from a framework for building web application to an application platform. Thanks to a rich ecosystem of components and tools and outstanding performance of the core framework, developers using Angular 2 can build modern applications that provide awesome user experiences. As a universal application platform, Angular 2 supports building applications that run everywhere from server to desktop and mobile.

The Angular and Drupal team have been colaborating on integrating Angular 2 with Drupal to combine the rich client-side user experience provided by Angular with the power of Drupal on the server-side.

During this talk we'll briefly discuss Angular 2, but we'll primarily focus on the Drupal integration, the current state and future directions. Developers interested in consolidating their JavaScript code will walk away with knowledge about how Angular 2 can seamlesly integrate with Drupal, how they will benefit from using Angular in their Drupal applications, and how they could build their own Drupal components with Angular 2.

The attendees are expected to have solid understanding of Drupal, building components with Drupal, and basic to intermediate JavaScript knowledge. No prior Angular knowledge is expected for this talk.

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Tuesday, 10 May, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00
271-273 [Acquia]