Configuration Management, Composer, Git and Drush in Drupal 8

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This is a session all about the advanced site-building tools and techniques available to Drupal 8 site-builders.

This session will cover Composer, Drush, Git, Configuration Management and how they all work together to make Drupal 8 site development and management process faster, more efficient, and less error prone.

Install Drupal 8 with Composer

Commiting with Git Using Composer to Manage Project Dependencies
  • Finding Packages on
  • Install, Uninstall and Update Modules/Themes/etc. with Composer
  •  Installing a Package From a Git Repository
  • How to Decide Which Version Pattern to Use
Overriding Settings in Code with settings.local.php
  • Create settings.local.php
  • Enable settings.local.php
  • Where to Find Configuration Settings That Can Be Overridden
  • Commit settings.php, but not settings.local.php
Configuration Management Through the UI and with Drush
  • Workaround For Sites That Were Installed Without Importing the Database
  • Syncing Configuration Through the UI
    • Exporting Configuration
    • Importing Configuration
  • Syncing Configuration Using Drush
    • Exporting Configuration
    • Importing Configuration
How to use Composer, Git, Drush and Configuration Management to Push Changes from Development to Production
  • Managing Configuration with Git
    • Pushing Code and Configuration to the Repo
    • Pulling Code and Configuration to Another Site Instance
    • Import the Original Site's Database into the Production Environment
    • Composer Install the New Site
    • Make Sure the Files Directories are Correct
    • Importing Configuration
Putting it all Together
  • Install a new module with Composer
  • Install a new theme with Composer
  • Enable Admin Toolbar and Admin Toolbar Extra Tools and Pathauto
  • Change the temp path on our local site to "/tmp"
  • Add a few blocks to various regions
  • Save a Google Analytics account to configuration through the UI
  • Override the GA account with an empty string on development
  • Export the configuration with Drush
  • Commit it to Git
  • Push it to the remote repo
  • Pull it to production
  • Import the configuration to the production server
  • And have an exact replica of our development configuration on our production server!

Session Track

Site Building

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 14:15 to 15:15
265-266 [FFW]