Content Strategy in Popular Culture


Content strategy as a discipline may have developed to help create a better Internet, but its principles have been used for decades in other media – and still are. At its functional level, content strategy involves a lot of spreadsheets and templates. By exploring how crucial aspects of content strategy play out in movies, music, even comic books and video games, we’ll expand the palette of language we can use to explain and convince more people about the importance of content strategy online, and ensure they understand that it’s not just vital, but fun, as well. Oh, and we'll explore some Drupal-specific ways to implement the strategies we discuss.

We'll find that:

  • Content strategy is not unique to online. While we can learn a lot from each other, we’ll benefit by looking beyond examples from other websites.
  • Many of the people we work with don’t know the language of content strategy. We can help them understand its importance by drawing parallels to specific examples in everyday life.
  • Content strategy is fun! Yes, we use a lot of spreadsheets, but helping our organizations and clients develop content that connects with more people is an enterprise worth savoring.

This session is appropriate for anybody looking for different ways to think and talk about content strategy online -- and how to turn that into real things in Drupal. Also, folks who have developed one too many content models and want a reminder about how awesome the work we all do can be.

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Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00
264 [Lullabot]