Drupal Ukraine Community - 12 years of life

  1. TOP 1 community in terms of Drupal translation
  2. 7767 users on Drupal.org
  3. 298 active committers
  4. 1410 active commenters
  5. 20+ DrupalCamps, 300+ DrupalCafe, 80+ attendees on DrupalCons. regular CodeSprints #codesprintua ( e.g. http://www.xmind.net/m/ni23 )
  6. The most technical DrupalCamp in Europe
  7. #crazy_ukrainians get pushed Twig into Drupal 8 core (112 commits to D8 by single codesprint with 30 attendees)
  8. Lot of members work for TOP Drupal companies around the world

This is a success story, that can help you understand

  • how to get best practices for how to grow a local community,
  • how to motivate people to contribute by its name
  • how to make business by using Drupal.org community power
  • how to regularly organise cool DrupalCamps without major support
  • how to stay at the top even if there is a war within a country

Can be really helpful for the startups and business people with a lot of use cases we are going to talk about.

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