Largest Drupal 8 Sites serve millions of page views - How you can do it, too!


Alright, we don’t have the secret to bringing unique visitors to your site. Anyone that tells you they do it probably selling snake-oil. But if you build it… and they come… there’s a few things you’ll need to make sure your site stays online!

"With 4.2 million page views per month, Le Temps is probably the largest website on Drupal 8" - Dries Buytaert

Months before the official release of Drupal 8, the Swiss online news industry underwent a transformation in its digital publishing operations. Thanks to a meticulously curated Drupal 8 distribution called NP8, online news sources: and were enjoying better workflows, a 2.5x increase in performance, and higher Google search rankings.  All built on top of, the revolutionary PaaS, giving them the speed and agility to keep their fast-paced business online and relevant.

In this lightning talk - we’ll quickly cover the building blocks and discus:

  • How Drupal 8 features available in NP8, such as cache tags, play a role in the massive performance increase.

  • What the git-driven, PaaS will do to increase effiencey and scalability of your Drupal 8 (or any other PHP) application.

Learn about the NP8 Drupal distribution, the largest Drupal 8 sites on Earth, and the infrastructure that hosts and supports them in this case study session.

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