Let's be honest: Estimation is guessing


Everybody would love to spend weeks in a detailed discovery exercise; writing nitty gritty of the application in product backlog and thinking through on the application architecture before submitting the proposal. Unfortunately, dreams don’t come true!

Getting the estimation right in the sales cycle quickly (especially in early stages) is probably what strengthens any agency chance to win the project. So how you’d go about making your best shot with limited resources/time of your architects/developers?

Our session would be focussed on below mentioned points; it would be a story with examples and demos:

  1. Making the best use of early interactions; probing clients with questions to get the view of the application.

  2. Building initial set of stories/feature list (as a backlog)

  3. Story point estimation of the backlog (and not the hours!)

  4. Define clear dark areas in the scope; calling them out early. Show clients the zeal to clarify the scope.  

  5. Translating the estimation into a loading sheet; define the burn rate.

  6. Goto step 4; refine the scope again. Rinse, Repeat!

  7. Congratulations! You’ve shown clear investment in the project with the client. You’re already way ahead in the game.

Ensure that you let us know:

  • What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into your session

This session will be easy to understand for people with intermidiate level knowledge of Project management and Sales. However the session should be open for beginners.


Session Track

Project Management

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When & Where

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 10:45 to 11:45
264 [Lullabot]