Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Herding Trinity Tigers' custom websites back onto their EDU domain


Faculty, student organizations, research labs: these groups (amongst others) have a voice, and they often desire to express that voice to the world. But what happens when members of these groups spin up their own websites outside of their EDU domain? A very real struggle occurs to retain governance and control, brand guidelines, or the ability to capitalize on thought leadership they would otherwise be able to if they were on the EDU domain. 

View our "Herding Tigers" visual overview here:

Attendees of this presentation will hear about real-life scenarios that Trinity University encountered with creative and sometimes embarrassing faculty websites. The presentation, with insight from Trinity’s web agency partner on the project, ImageX, will focus on:

How the solution was implemented:

  • Technology

  • Roll out

  • Testing and training

  • Faculty buy-in & participation

And the results of the initiative:

  • Data

  • Future use cases

  • Dozens of homemade cookies promised to the Trinity web team

Attendees of this case study-styled presentation will learn the value Trinity University has realized from the initiative, take away useful tricks to gain buy-in from targeted groups, and technology approaches for different levels of governance required.


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