Managing and Staging your content

20 years ago Bill Gates wrote an essay "Content is king" where he stated:

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet

Just last year, previous DrupalCon keynote presenter, Jared Spool wrote an article "Content and Design Are Inseparable Work Partners".

Content is a really important thing and after all Drupal is a content management system, yet we often stuggle to truely manage our content.

One question that often comes up from clients is, where do we add our content? There should be a way to properly version it, stage it, and deploy it, just like code, right?

In this session we will look at a range of modules that can be used in conjunction to better manage your content. We will introduce the concept of "revisions everywhere" with Multiversion, Single site content staging with Workspace, a new RESTful API for content with Relaxed, content staging between multiple sites with Deploy, and much more.

This session aimed at site builders will not discuss code or custom development, all this can be done by enabling and configuring a combination of modules.

Dick Olsson and Tim Millwood have been developing the modules discussed in this session over the last few years for use with large enterprise Drupal clients who need a real content solution.

About the presenters

Tim Millwood (aka timmillwood) has been working with Drupal since 2008, he is the core maintainer of the statistics module, and contributor to many contrib modules. After working at Mark Boulton Design, and Acquia, Tim is now a Senior Developer for Appnovation working on Composer based builds and content staging solutions.

Dick Olsson (aka dixon_) is a long time core contributor and author of the defacto content staging solution for Drupal 7 - the Deploy and UUID modules.

Dick started his Drupal career at NodeOne (now Wunderkraut) and later went on to work for Al Jazeera Media Network as their Lead Drupal Developer. Now he's working as a Digital Engineering Manager at Pfizer where he's managing a content staging solution for hundreds of websites.

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Site Building

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Drupal 8 (current)