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Performance matters— we all know that. Getting content to a user is paramount, and doing it quickly is always the end goal of the web. This is even more true for media sites, where most content is shared on social media— and delivered to devices where bandwidth and data is limited. The challenges are numerous— and the stakes are high— then how do we get better performance on our sites?

This session will go over all of the performance issues we have at Vox Media— and what we have done to deliver high-quality experiences, all while making our sites faster and more efficient. We will start with how we identified the biggest issues that our sites had— images, fonts, 3rd party scripts— and what we have done, and what we are currently doing to address each performance concern.

The coup de grâce will be talking about ad performance on our sites. Working with 3rd party vendors to test and assess our ads. Developing internal tools to deliver better ads that we create. Assessing the impact of new ad technology— such as header bidding— on our sites. And platform changes we are doing to better deliver ads on our sites.

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Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:00
271-273 [Acquia]