Offline-capable, decoupled Drupal 8 with React.js and React Native


When the CMS is decoupled, a lot of new things become possible. To explore these posibilities, we have spent three months of work building a fully offline-capable web site with React.js, PouchDB, and RELAXed, and we've recently started building a native iOS app with React Native leveraging the same technique.

This, put together, enables users of the website to download the entire website, put it in their pocket, and use it in the wild, and use opportunistic syncing to update the content when an internet connection is available. A great boon for intranets, travelling salesmen and other people who needs access to information somewhere there's not always a stable internet connection, and the complete decoupling allows us to build the entire user experience in ReactJS.

Moreover, we took a big part of the code we wrote for this purpose and turned it into an open source library, that you can use to build your own apps (will be published by the time we give the presentation).

In addition to demonstrating the app, and introducing the open source framework, we will give a short introduction to React.js, Redux, PouchDB, RELAXed, React Native and a few other technologies, and share our experience with building apps of this type, with some battles stories.

At the end of the session, the attentive listener should feel empowered to build offline-capable CMS applications based on our framework.

Basic knowledge of JavaScript and Drupal 8 is assumed.

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Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 - 15:45 to 16:45