Selling Drupal modules & distros

Taco Potze

Paying for modules and distributions. Talking about this will guarantee a good discussion among Drupalistas. But could the success of Wordpress lay in this flaw of Drupal? Are we not asking enough money for our work and therefore innovate less than other CMSes?

Joost de Valk, founder of certainly thinks so. Without his paid Premium Wordpress SEO module he would not have over 4 million (that is more than there are Drupal sites) of his plugins active. He and his team need the income of the commercial modules to be able to invest time in the free modules. The money earned with the paid modules also makes sure Yoast and his community managers can travel the world, talking to the users of their modules to keep making sure how they can get better and better.

GoalGorilla partnered up with Yoast to create the Yoast SEO module for Drupal 7 and 8 (

Our Premium module will soon be available on And we want to find out how a paid module can be successful in the Drupal community and how the community is able to spend more time on their modules and distros (and thus increasing features, quality, usability etc.).

In this sessions we will discuss:

  • Why Yoast made a paid module and how this lead to his 30 persons staff
  • How paid modules and distros will lead to more money for innovation in Drupal
  • What our vision is on a Drupal marketplace for commercial modules
  • What this means for marketing and sales of modules and distributions
  • What the results are of marketing and sales our Yoast module and our Drupal Open Social distribution
  • Discuss the downside of paid modules for our open-source community

By the end of the session we expect a lively discussion on how to make commercial modules a success in the Drupal community. We hope to inspire people they can invest more time into the quality and features without losing sight of the openness of our community.

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Thursday, 12 May, 2016 - 13:00 to 14:00
274 [Forum One]