Theme-driven development launches Travelport onto Drupal


Travelport, a 2B+, publicly traded company with over 3400 employees is known as “the world’s only true Travel Commerce Platform.”  Recently, Travelport went through a company-wide rebranding and needed a way to take their story to millions of current and previous customers as well as investors. Travelport formed a strategic partnership with Mediacurrent and realized that their incumbent proprietary CMS was not the best solution for their website redesign and relaunch.

As they embarked on the quest for a new design, the organization cut ties with its proprietary, license based platform and began the search for an open source CMS. Travelport needed a website that could perform at the enterprise level and evolve to meet their future-ready business objectives.

In this panel discussion, team members from Mediacurrent will discuss the technical and business challenges and solutions that Mediacurrent and Travelport solved along the way including:

  • Key criteria Travelport considered when evaluating Drupal
  • Using content and buyer personas to guide development, design and SEO strategy
  • Theme-driven development with a living style guide to accelerate the site build process
  • Configuration management
  • Improving information architecture across an international enterprise organization
  • Customized analytics tracking in Drupal, enabling Travelport to calculate ROI and engagement metrics

Travelport embraced Drupal’s highly customizable platform and freedom from license fees of their legacy CMS platform. The end result is a website that stands out from the competition by combining the flexibility of Drupal with a forward thinking digital strategy.

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Drupal Showcase

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Tuesday, 10 May, 2016 - 17:00 to 18:00
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