Drupal8 Theming - Am I doing this right?


A hands on Drupal8 Theming extravaganza 

Theming in Drupal8 have was a massive shift from phptemplate to twig, but its more than changing the syntax . We changed the way of thinking Drupal Theming.
Drupal twig Theming is easy to learn, powerful, flexible and overall as awesome as warm coffee on a rainy day, the downside is that all the things you learned in Drupal now have to be relearned, and yes its by design.

Over the last 3 years we (the frontend drupaltwig group) we  got one burning question from the Drupal community.

“How I do this right the first time ? ”  

The Session will be a hands on, based on a ton of real world examples. To show how and where to to get your Drupal8 theming right the first time. Mixed with background info & all the secret stories from the last 5+ years of rethinking theming in drupal - basically where all the bodys are buried ( We was there when we buried them)

  • The secret plan behind it all, understand the concept.
  • Template building: understanding the template suggestions & how to organise 120+ template files.
  • Base theme(s) - do you need em ?
  • Modern css structures & templates, how it all fits together.
  • Pack your theme - cmi ftw!
  • Tips tricks & dirty secrets.
  • Real markup control, no stinking php!

Audience level:
The session is for web designers, frontenders & developers that wanna know how we designed the frontend in D8.

You should be prober equipped to get down & dirty with Drupal theming in Drupal8, the session is build on all the questions i got over the last 3+ years, when working on Drupal8 theme system


Session Track

Front End

Experience Level


Drupal Version

When & Where

Tuesday, 10 May, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00
267-268 [Blackmesh]