Your brain health is more important than your standing desk

- Private group -

Today everybody talks about ergonomical chairs, standing desks, perfect lights, foot rests and more.

But I would like to talk about something I believe is much more important than all of that: Brain Health.

Our biggest asset is our brain, and still we don't share how to keep our brain happy and productive.

In this keynote I will talk about my personal experience in this. I've been working more than 6 years as a CTO of a global company and have had many stressful situations where I kept myself above ground with a few simple but effective tricks and used them to prevent more stress.

High stress is a possible cause for burnout, the biggest risk for our brain. Being stressed is no fun, but you can only survive it by accepting and working on it. In a short survey conducted last year among the Drupal community, over 50% of the participants mentioned they don't know how to handle stress. That is too much.

Especially in a meritocracy like Drupal and Open Source, people easily tend to over-commit and become stressed very fast.

I gave a presentation about this topic at DrupalCon Barcelona in the Core Conversation track. Afterwards I received a lot of great feedback and people told me that my tricks helped them. I now realize that we are not sharing enough about this topic.

I would like the opportunity to talk about this very important topic at a community keynote where my message will reach the necessary audience this topic requires: all of us.

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