Become a Volunteer

DrupalCon Amsterdam is supported by volunteers from the community. This includes communication, track planning, onsite coordination of sessions and many things more which are necessary to run a great event. 

What do we get in return?

Easy answer: we get the major European Drupal event of the year. It's important for the whole Drupal ecosystem and that is the reason why many people dedicate a lot of effort. We are aware that these individuals and companies should get more visibility because they actually are the biggest sponsors.

Nobody goes back empty handed, we have something for everyone! To all those who will be volunteering during the event, we will be providing a volunteer t-shirt and some credits for all the tasks they do.

How you can help

Most of our volunteers have full time jobs and as much as they would love to, they can’t commit to organizing the event full time. Our success so far has been many people picking up small tasks with the focus on great team work. To make our event even better, we would like more great individuals with a little time to spare to help in:

  • Marketing: Help make noise
  • Attendee care
  • Speaker care
  • Sponsor care
  • Tech hands
  • Local volunteers
  • On-site info screens ...

If you are concerned about not having coding skills and want to contribute, don’t worry we have tasks for everyone. We need various skills such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Project management: analyze situations, find solutions
  • Public relations/marketing
  • Writing (blog posts, news on social media, workflows...)
  • Proofreading
  • Illustrating...

If you have some free time to spare and want to become part of the biggest Drupal conference in Europe this year, join us as a volunteer.

Where to Start

Would like to chat with us?

We have a channel for you on Slack, yay!

If you're already on Slack, ping @surabhi.gokte or @john-cook and we will add you to the official DrupalCon Amsterdam volunteering channel.

If you're not slack, not to worry. Simply register yourself at


Social media

Follow @DrupalConEur on social media and “like it a lot”


Promote DrupalCon Amsterdam

Want to support but not prepared for a steady commitment? Please promote DrupalCon Amsterdam on all occasions, for example at your local meetup. We have prepared a slide deck - you are welcome to use it. If you have questions about the slides, please contact us on


Find sponsors

There are still sponsor packages available. You could talk to your employer, customers, meetup about sponsoring DrupalCon Amsterdam. No problem if you are not the first one to address them, sometimes it needs several approaches ;-) Download the sponsor brochure and spread the word.


Become an official volunteer

If you'd like to join the steady volunteer team we would like to ask you to click the tick box during registration process of DrupalCon Amsterdam and we are happy to get in touch with you to find out more. 

Happy to have you!

Volunteers coordinators

Surabhi Gokte
Senior Quality Analyst
Srijan Technologies
John Cook
Senior Developer