Sustainability Guidelines


We have selected the RAI Amsterdam venue because is the first conference centre in Europe to achieve EarthCheck gold status, which is the leading sustainability certification in the tourism sector. The venue the first Dutch conference facility, which is meeting the Sustainable Event ISO2012 standards and Health & Safety (OHSAS- 18001) standards. Therefore, there will be also a high expectation of your recycling skills.

During the Conference

You will find Gender-neutral toilets, which will be available on each floor of the RAI Amsterdam venue

A baby care lounge will be available for attendees who will need space for them and their children

The Prayers and meditation room will be available for all DrupalCon attendees

Food & Beverages

We have given delegates the opportunity to express any specific dietary requirements, and providing vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

A dietary sign should be placed close to the menu or extra sheet of paper, which will be visibly accessible for attendees during lunch breaks and other breaks involving food

A coffee will be served in a glass, to prevent waste creation and respect the environmental impact of it 

The catering will use ceramic dishes, glass bottles and cups for coffee instead of plastic (excluding Thursday, 31stof October).

Sugar will be provided in paper packaging, to avoid plastic waste and respect hygienic standards at the same time 

Waste Prevention

The Conference will have its app, to reduce the amount of paper waste 

To prevent waste, there will be a no disposable papers or pens available at DrupalCon Amsterdam Conference * 

Badges will be printed recyclable paper as conscious action and recycled when collected after the conference

We remind attendees to recycle their lanyards following the Conference. There will be a collection place of lanyards at the exit of the room.


We have encouraged delegates to consider various transport alternative such as train travel or bus on the Conference websites and in the DrupalCon Conference App.

We have reminded delegates to make use of the eco-friendly options of transportation in Amsterdam on conference websites and in the app.

*(non guaranteed for exhibition area)