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The International Splash Awards 2019 announced its winners during the awards ceremony in DrupalCon Amsterdam.

For DrupalCon Amsterdam, we’ve curated keynote speakers who are engaging presenters — and add value to the gathering as a whole. Enhance your professional life by hearing more about differing experiences in tech and open source. These keynotes are only for conference attendees, so we invite you to join us by registering.  

Attending DrupalCon is an investment in your skills, professional development, and in building community connections. 

A lot of attendees don't buy their own tickets—most need to convince someone else (their boss) of the value.

DrupalCon Amsterdam is approaching — next month! Are you still deciding about going? With the robust program, each day will be full of exciting sessions, social activities and contribution sprints galore! Check out the breadth and scope of our offerings, with insight you won’t want to miss.

The event kicks off with Trainings on the morning of Monday, October 28. Choose from these seven options to further your learning: