Track descriptions

  • Business + Marketing

The Business & Marketing Track is for business managers, content professionals and digital marketers using Drupal to promote their brand. Whether you are a non-profit, B2B, B2C or a Drupal service provider, this track will help you to explore more about Drupal business, Drupal’s capabilities for content management and digital marketing. 


  • DevOps + Infrastructure

Drupal and accompanying platforms or local in-house built tools are strong in delivering an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. All these functionalities don’t come by themselves, and they certainly don’t keep themselves updated or relevant. You need a strong team and a very rigid core DevOps principles to keep this sanity.

The DevOps + Infrastructure track is all about expanding and sharing this reliability knowledge in a world where Drupal faces many systems, deployment and security challenges. Do you see yourselves in one of these roles? Are you open to learn about DevOps and Infrastructure concepts and want to benefit from the valuable strategy and outcomes our talks could have? Come and discover what the leading industry is doing on composer based workflows, containerized local development, automated testing, continuous deployment, configuration management and other business critical best practices. And above all, how all of this improves the reliability, efficiency & maintainability of the critical systems your company is relying on.


  • Drupal + Backend Track

The Backend and Site building track covers "everything-drupal", from integrating symfony plugins and the latest PHP 7 stuff to twig and server rendering, we're looking to see advanced topics but also introductory content as well, and if you want to show off your site building skills? this is also the place for it.


  • Drupal + Frontend Track

The Drupal + Frontend Track will showcase the very best of Drupal frontend techniques and patterns as well as up-and-coming new technologies, and how they might interact with Drupal. This track will also host talks on design, user experience, and everything in-between.


  • Drupal Community + Being Human Track

This track includes talks about the human and community aspects of the Drupal as well as the overall Open Source world.  Learn about how to be happy and healthy at work, how to be a productive team and community member, how the community and project support each other, how you can contribute to the Drupal project no matter your expertise, and more. This track is also for everyone wanting to hear stories about how Drupal helped make dreams come true.


  • Industry Tracks

Become empowered with insights and get information to make better decisions when choosing Drupal as your platform of choice. This track presents case studies and ideas about how organisations in multiple sectors have built ambitious digital experiences using Drupal.


  1. Digital Transformation + Enterprise
    Find sessions focusing on digital strategies, digital transformation, innovation management, hybrid systems and ambitious digital experiences. We show case large-scale implementations of Drupal platforms and solutions integrating Drupal for global corporations.
  2. E-Commerce
    Merchants will understand how to start and grow their online businesses. Developers will learn how to build ambitious E-Commerce sites. Learn about solution providers who improve the whole process via integrations - all with Drupal.
  3. Government
    Trends and innovations as well as all aspects of the current developments and challenges within the government space. In an exciting mix of case-studies and thematic sessions, burning topics will be discussed.
  4. Higher Education
    Drupal is a popular choice in higher education, and is being used in creative and inventive ways. With Drupal 8+, the opportunities for exploration and experimentation expand even further. If you have experience of delivering Drupal solutions in the higher education sector or are looking for inspiration on how you continue to develop your CMS further, this is the right track for you.
  5. Publishing + Media
    We bring publishing and media people together, to share interests and ideas, to listen and learn, to discuss challenges and develop solutions, in the collaborative environment that Drupal has to offer.