Grants, Scholarships & Inclusion Fund

Grant, Scholarship, and Inclusion Funds have been awarded to the following recipients


Recipient Award Type
antojose scholarship
gargsuchi scholarship
gaurav.kapoor scholarship
realityloop grant
Surabhi Gokte scholarship
kyberman grant
Petr Illek scholarship
santerref grant
sasanikolic scholarship
shadab.ashraf scholarship
socketwench grant
anonymous inclusion fund
aburke626 grant
myfriend2me scholarship
tincha scholarship
truls1502 grant
yuseferi scholarship
anonymous inclusion fund


About the Grant, Scholarship & Inclusion fund Program


We realize attending DrupalCon is a dream for many, which is why we are happy to offer opportunities for grants, scholarships and inclusion funds to help cover costs to attend DrupalCon Amsterdam.  Please read the information below about the awards, the requirements, the selection process, and then apply.

•    Funding is limited to one (1) per person per calendar year.
•    Recipients who have received four (4) fundings in the past will not be eligible for one (1) year following their fourth award.
•    If a funding recipient has already received a free DrupalCon Amsterdam ticket as a track chair, speaker, trainer, etc., they are not eligible to receive another ticket as part of the funding benefits.


Available awards

  • Grants

The selection criteria for grants focus on the importance of the applicant to the Drupal project and code as a whole. Are you contributing code to the project? Are you attending or organizing code contributions or serving as a mentor? Then this is the right category for you. Please share some examples of your contribution and let us know how DrupalCon Amsterdam will help you advance the Drupal project.

  • Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded based on the impact or influence the applicant has in his/her home region's Drupal community and Drupal adoption. Are you supporting your local community by organizing camps, meetups or other events? Are you training or mentoring promising Drupal talent in an underserved market? Or do you promote Drupal in your home region and help form useful partnerships? Then you should apply for a scholarship. Please give examples of your local initiatives and let us know how your presence at DrupalCon Amsterdam would make a difference.

  • Inclusion funds

Have you submitted a session, but need a little extra help in order to attend? DrupalCon offers a speaker inclusion fund, for speakers from underrepresented groups.

Who makes the selection? 

Although the funds are managed by Kuoni Congress (Kuoni Destination Management B.V.) the award recipients are determined by a global team of community members who make the selection. This team changes with each DrupalCon.

Deadline for requesting a funding is July 15, 2019. Funding recipients will be announced by July 22, 2019. Funding applicants who are not accepted as recipients are still allowed to register for Early Bird rate until end of September 2019.

What is required of recipients?

If you are selected to attend, you will be awarded a full or partial funding based on your selections below and our total award budget.

In exchange, we ask that you:
•    meet any deadlines set by our Coordinators
•    follow any provided purchasing or reimbursement instructions
•    volunteer 4 or more hours onsite at DrupalCon Amsterdam (general volunteering or mentoring at contributions)

Please do not take acceptance of this award lightly. If you accept the offer and spend community funds, but then are unable to attend the conference, you will be ineligible from receiving a funding in the future.