4 years of Thunder: Why Hubert Burda Media went for open source

Daniel Bosen

Thunder is one of Drupal’s most downloaded distributions — and after four years, we would like to sum up the ups and downs in this journey.

When the German publishing house Hubert Burda Media started building a Drupal distribution in 2016, this was meant to be our internal answer to a growing portfolio and diversifying requirements. Meanwhile, numerous websites run on Thunder, and not only traditional publishers! Thunder has become THE distribution for professional publishing.

Learning Objectives
In this session, I want to explain:
- our motivation to share our technology with not only our competitors but with everyone who publishes content
- what challenges we faced along this journey,
- what benefits we reaped, and
- why we are more determined than ever to contribute to Drupal

This session will give you exclusive insights into the publishing world and the decision-making processes in corporations.

Target Audience
This session is for everybody interested in digital publishing and the Drupal distribution Thunder in special.


*Session Materials*

When & Where

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 - 09:30 to 10:10
Prague room