Makers & Builders Track

Do you want to discover how building a Drupal website or application is the result of many different disciplines or even crafts? This track is the combination of DevOps, backend development, site building, frontend development, and accessibility competencies. All the right ingredients for a perfect Drupal recipe. This track is for everyone interested in Drupal development including all disciplines and all levels of experience. This track is for both technical profiles but also anyone interested in how Drupal works from the inside.

Keywords: Development, Back End Development, Front End Development, PHP, Javascript,  Accessibility, DevOps, Contribution, Performance, Scalability, Security, Integrations, APIs

Featured Track Speakers

Gábor Hojtsy
Drupal Initiative Coordinator, Acquia

Sub-theme: Back-End Development
The Drupal 10 initiative, here we go
Experience Level: Intermediate

Frédéric-Georges Marand
Founder, OSInet

Sub-theme: Back-End Development
Bigger data and giant ideas with MongoDB on Drupal 9
Experience Level: Intermediate

Joe Shindelar
Lead Developer / Lead Trainer, Drupalize.Me

Sub-theme: Site Building
Finding Answers to Your Drupal Questions
Experience Level: Beginner

Putra Bonaccorsi
Technical Project Manager, Lullabot

Sub-theme: Front-End Development
The Olivero theme: Genesis and Update on Drupal 9's Newest Theme
Experience Level: Intermediate

Ted Bowman
Principal Software Engineer, Acquia

Sub-theme: DevOps & Infrastructure
Core Automatic Updates Initiative Update
Experience Level: Intermediate

Mattias Michaux
Product Architect, Dropsolid

Sub-theme: DevOps & Infrastructure
Retrospective: Drupal and Ansible: a way of managing a 2000+ environment infrastructure
Experience Level: Intermediate

Workshop: Front-end Web Performance Clinic 2020

Michael Herchel


We all know that your website’s performance is critical to the success of its mission. Conversion rates are proven to plummet if with every second of page load time. What can we do about this? Why is the web still slow in 2020? In this clinic, we’re going deep, deep into modern web performance, and you will learn how to identify and fix performance bottlenecks in your website / webapp.

Workshop: Caching and performance deep dive 2.0

FabiAn Franz


Drupal has the most advanced caching system of any CMS out there right now. This leads to many opportunities to create the fastest Drupal sites ever and easily cache content directly at the edge, but there are also many challenges, problems and learning curves to overcome. This session wants to provide every participant with the tools and knowledge via practical exercises to understand caching and performance optimization deeply.

Track sessions by sub-theme

Back-End Development

Gábor Hojtsy

The Drupal 10 initiative, here we go

Michael Anello

Taking Maximum Advantage of Drupal Core's Composer Template

Drew Webber

Reverse Engineering Drupal Vulnerabilities

Ayesh Karunaratne

PHP 8: What's new and changing

Nick Veenhof

Open personalization with Apache Unomi in the GDPR era

Frédéric-georges Marand

Bigger data and giant ideas with MongoDB on Drupal 9

Hussain Abbas

Migrate to Drupal

Wolfgang Ziegler

Custom Elements: An alternate Render API for decoupled Drupal

Oliver Davies

TDD - Test Driven Drupal

Joachim Noreiko

Render me this... lazily

Fabian Franz

Caching and performance deep dive 2.0 - A practical workshop

Valerie Valkenburg-Gibson

Solr versus Elasticsearch, can we settle down please?

Valery Lourie

There is a reason for that (read the source and learn)


Write code once, run anywhere - Drupal + Flutter


DevOps & Infrastructure


Load test your Drupal website before it is too late

Robert Slootjes

Welcome to the party with the Serverless One Stop Shop

Sreekar Achanta

Containerisation and Orchestration of Mautic Application.


Industrialised deployments of Drupal 8 for Occitanie's CMS applications

Mattias Michaux

Drupal and Ansible: a way of managing a 2000+ environment infrastructure

Ricardo Amaro

Monitoring Kubernetes Drupal Clusters using Distributed Tracing.


The state of Drupal Development Environments panel discussion.

Vladimir Roudakov

Gitlab deep dive for Drupal developers


Core Automatic Updates Initiative Update


Front-End Development

Fran Garcia-linares

Add end to end tests to your Drupal site in one hour with CypressIO

Phil Wolstenholme

Write better CSS by stopping writing any more CSS! How and why to use utility-first CSS on large-scale Drupal websites with Tailwind CSS

Nicholas O'Sullivan

Decoupled translations with Drupal

Tomas Fulopp

Drupal: Striving for Parity

Ricardo Sanz

Reactive Programming: Dealing with Asynchronicity

Oier Bravo

Drupal and Gatsby, static without limits. Compiling more than 100,000 pages in less than what it takes to make a coffee

Brian Perry

An overview of Drupal front-end component integration methods

Putra Bonaccorsi

The Olivero theme: Genesis and Update on Drupal 9's Newest Theme

Michael Herchel

Front-end Web Performance Clinic 2020

Anna Mykhailova

Advanced front-end debugging techniques for back-end developers


Site Building

David Needham

Configuration Management in Drupal for Beginners

Joe Shindelar, ASHLEY JONES

Finding Answers to Your Drupal Questions

Daniel Cothran, NIA KATHONI

The Evolving Charts Ecosystem


Build Healthy Multilingual Relationships: Correctly Nest Entities

Suzanne Dergacheva

Creating Layouts and Landing Pages for Drupal 8

This was just the pre-planned program of just one track of DrupalCon Europe! A ticket also gives you access to all the other tracks too. Also keynotes, live discussions of interest groups (Birds of a Feather), networking opportunities, social events, sponsor gifts and online contribution opportunities.