Advanced front-end debugging techniques for back-end developers

Anna Mykhailova

Different browsers, various devices, multiple screens, fast-evolving technologies and ever changing CSS properties - this is a day-to-day reality of a front-end ninja. Whether you are a back-end developer looking to hone your front-end debugging skills, full-stack professional excited to add some new processes to the workflow or front-end looking to verify your debugging approaches - this session is for you.

We will start with the browser development tools, explore useful extensions and external services and dive into on device debugging across multiple browsers and platforms so you can answer the most dreaded and main question in the front-end world: "Why my CSS/JS isn't doing what I expect it to do?"

Come with your laptop, pick a favourite site and browser and follow along on this demystifying quest! Real life examples included.

*Session Materials*

When & Where

Wednesday, 9 December, 2020 - 16:15 to 16:55
Amsterdam room